Roller Metal Cash Drawer

Roller Metal Cash Drawer
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The CK-410/CK-420 roller cash drawer is made of heavy gauge steel, suitable for heavy duty use and prolonged operational life, making it the ideal choice for reliability and a perfect platform for any EPOS terminal. It is also the ideal base for large size ECR.

1. The roller cash drawer is made of thick gauge cold rolled steel and SECC, has a textured hybrid powder coat, and a steel front with a media slot.
2. It offers a solenoid unit with 12V or 24V volt and can interface to any POS terminal or ECR.
3. The roller cash drawer offers a 3-position lock: locked, manual open and electrically online.
4. It is available in black, beige and custom type.
5. The lifecycle of the roller cash drawer has been tested to minimum one million cycles.

Technical Specifications of Roller Cash Drawer

Model Number CK-410 CK-420
Dimension 410(W)x420(D)x100(H)mm 420(W)x440(D)x100(H)mm
Construction Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC
Finish Textured hybrid powder coat
Color Black, Beige and Custom type
Roller Polyurethane for smooth operation
Cash Tray (Insert)
Construction Shatter-resistant plastic
Currency Layout 4,5,6,8-Bill with Metal wire grips, 8 Adjustable Coin Slots
Media Slots 1
Drawer Lock 3-Position lock /4-Functions: locked open/closed, manual open, electronically driven
Interface RJ11, RJ12, USB, RS232, DCΦ2.5 /3.5 Jack, custom type
Lifecycle MTBF 1,000,000 times +
Micro Switch Cash Drawer Status Micro Switch
Option Accessories
Micro-switch Part Number
Stainless Steel Front Tray-4148, Tray-4158 Tray-4168, Tray-4188
Cash tray with different currency layout Cover-41458
Different Color Bracket-41268
Different Interfaces DT-100U
Models Net Weight(kg) Carton Size(cm)
CK-410 7.8 47.0 × 48.0 × 17.0
CK-420 8.3 50.0 × 47.0 × 17.0

MAKEN is a professional roller cash drawer manufacturer based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including POS safe, slide cash drawer, flip top cash drawer, manual cash drawer, and much more.

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Pulley Wheel POS Money Case | Pulley POS Cash Till | Sheave POS Money Box | Glide-wheel POS Cashbox

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