As a specialized cash drawer manufacturer in China, we at MAKEN offer a wide range of products, including slide cash drawer, roller cash drawer, electronic cash drawer, manual cash drawer, flip top cash drawer, and more. Having the advantages of great abrasion resistance, long service life and convenient operation, our products are now used by many customers worldwide.

MAKEN cash drawers are vital components in any POS system. We offer a variety of specifications, and they feature good abrasion resistance, long service life, and are very user friendly. As a result, our roller cash drawer, electronic cash drawer, and manual cash drawer are widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retail stores.

Quality control is our continual focus at MAKEN, so we adhere to ISO9001 quality standards and implement strict quality management practices. All incoming raw materials must pass inspection before they are accepted, and we conduct numerous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, our slide cash drawers, flip top cash drawers, and other cash drawer products are also inspected prior to shipment. Sizeable investments in production and testing equipment, such as automatic powder coating lines, automatic pneumatic punching machines, bending machines, injection molding machines, and cash drawer lifecycle testers, help us to ensure the reliability and quality of each of our POS cash drawer products. Through continuing staff training and improvement, in addition to a strict management system, the efficient MAKEN staff is able to consistently provide high quality slide cash drawer, electronic cash drawer and small cash drawer products for our customers. As a result of our constant efforts, our POS cash drawers are CE approved.

We at MAKEN continually strive to reduce costs while providing quality products, so we can offer our customers the most economical POS cash drawer products. In addition, through the use of automatic production equipment, we greatly improve production efficiency and reduce our product defective rate, which helps to lower costs. A constant focus on facilitating manufacturing operations and optimizing product design allows us to further improve our productivity. Moreover, we utilize ERP management information system software, which enables us to quickly share information and efficiently distribute resources, thus saving valuable time, manpower, and reducing the waste of resources. All of these factors result in the reduction of our overall production cost. Therefore, we are able to provide our quality slide cash drawer, roller cash drawer, and flip top cash drawer at economical prices.

Our company is located in the port city of Xiamen. Here, we have easy access to convenient air, land, and sea transportation, which translates into reduced shipping charges for us and our global clients. This advantageous location, coupled with our large annual production of 100,000 cash drawers, enables us to quickly fill any sized orders for our global clients.